Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Top 10 Ways to go Green: Tips for Leading an Eco-friendly Life

Here are 10 ways to "go green" and contribute towards saving our planet.

1)        Become "Energy conscious": Learn to use energy and resource optimally.

2)        Never miss an opportunity: When it comes to saving and conserving energy, never miss an opportunity. Be it turning off all the lights before going to bed or fixing the leaking tap, use every opportunity to save energy and natural resource. There are lots of opportunities in our daily life to conserve energy such as turning on the air conditioner only when it is essential, not keeping the refrigerator doors open for too long.

3)        Use contraptions that consume less energy: Don't pull out your SUV to pick up some groceries from the neighborhood shop; use a bike or public transport. Better still, walk! Similarly, if you have an aging refrigerator or an old washing machine, chances are that they are consuming more electric power than the newer models; so switch to new ones whenever possible.

4)        Chant "Renewable Energy" mantra: Yes, the renewable energy solutions are not widely available yet. But if you are determined to keep our planet safe, you will find ways to get renewable energy solutions such as solar lighting, solar heating, rain-water harvesting, etc.  

5)        Avoid plastic: Avoid plastic bags for carrying groceries or other stuff. Look for other alternatives such as paper bags and jute bags.

6)        Don't travel alone!: Transportation is one of the greatest contributors of pollution and global warming. So instead of driving your car to work daily think of better alternatives such as public transport or car-pooling.

7)        Recycle: Buy things that are made from recycled stuff such as recycled paper, recycled furniture, etc.

8)        Treasure your trash: Make a commitment to reduce the amount of waste in your home. Think of ways to make use of things like paper, cartons, can that would otherwise end up as waste.

9)        Spread the word: Be the agent of change. Spread eco awareness amongst your family, friends and colleagues. Teach your kids how to conserve energy and natural resources.

10)    Don't be ashamed: Don't feel shy or embarrassed or ashamed to practice "greener" habits. Your neighbors may laugh at you when you install solar lamps in your garden or you may be the subject of gossip when you refuse to use paper cups in the office. But don't get discouraged; instead, use this as an opportunity to spread the awareness and encourage them to go green.   


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