Monday, January 28, 2008

IDC's Top 10 Predictions for Asia/Pacific IT Services Market

1. Global Delivery Will Become "Top of Mind" for Asia/Pacific Organizations

2. The Tigers of India Will Take on Asia/Pacific

3. Services Oriented Architecture Will Move into the Services Realm

4. Product Vendors Will Eye More Services Revenue

5. Green IT Will Drive Growth in the Services Market

6. The Importance of Organization Alignment Will Drive Demand for a Combination of Business and IT Services

7. The New Era of the Digital Marketplace and Web 2.0 Will Open up New Opportunities to Integrate Consumers into the Delivery of Services

8. Vendors Will Pull Together Specific IP Around Certain Solution Areas to Improve Ease and Cost of Delivery of Services

9. The Roles of Local Service Providers and the Future of the Channel Ecosystem Will Be Revolutionized

10. Services Aggregators Will Emerge as New Stakeholders in the Services Ecosystem

Source: IDC's #1 Asia/Pacific Services Prediction 2008 - IDC Press Release


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